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Each of our options offers you an easy payment plan for placing your lead getting ads.

Our usual price is $300 per month with a recurring monthly payment, but since we're on a New Launch Campaign our 6 month "Starter Plan" is only $200 per month.

We do all the work to get you NEW clients and referrals and that gives you more time for your dental practice.  Just a small newspaper ad that comes out only on one day could easily cost this much or more!  ... and Yellow Page ads have "sky rocketed" in the last 5 years and are almost out of reach by most small businesses.  Who has time to try and find help in the Yellow Pages?  With millions of people searching online for what they need or want has taken the world by storm.  It's instant and not time consuming!

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Here's what you get:

blue arrowYour own ad page that is easy to navigate for your customers

blue arrowA Header Banner Ad

blue arrowA Map to your location

blue arrowA short description of your services

blue arrowYour office hours

blue arrowAll of your contact information

blue arrowAn appointment maker form

blue arrowA personal email address

blue arrowA YouTube commercial

blue arrowA special coupon (to print out and bring in)


We'll link your Ad Page to our other site: Harvey County Biz Guide to help bring you even more customers.

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Here's how it works: is probably the first page that comes up on a Google search.  Go ahead and type that phrase into Google and give it a try.  Do you know how hard it is to get on page one of a Google search?  There are millions of "Dental Care" sites out there.  We've discovered what is known as SEO.  That means Search Engine Optimization.  Yes, we've optimised our site so that people looking for dental care in Newton, Kansas can easily find us on the first search page on Google.  We're Google Friendly!  That will make it easy to find your business on our website.

You need this service even if you already have your own website.  What page are you on when people are searching for you and your business?  Being listed on our site gives you what Google calls "Backlinks".  The more backlinks you have to your site means Google moves you up in the search engine rankings.  But Google may be the Granddaddy of all search engines, but we also submit our site to over 300 other major search engines that are on the internet.

We can set up your ad web page in about 3 days once we get your information.  We do all the work for you!


Would you like us to build you your own website?  No problem!  Once it's built we will also set up your ad page on our website linking your site to ours.  We register your own domain name and give you a year's worth of hosting for only a fraction of what the big internet companies charge.  ( I know of one business that spends upward of $23,000 for their custom website) 

Not us!  We're very inexpensive in comparison.  Your site will be up and running 24/7!

Check the 3rd option below for you're own website





Our Starter Plan is for 6 months of our service and gives you savings of $100 per month off the regular price ($300 monthly)





 Regular 12 MONTH Special.  Save $600!




Like to have your own website? Choose this option and we’ll build, register and host your domain.

Remember to stay on the payment page and you'll be directed to the thank you page and instructions

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Please note we are a local web marketing company in Newton, Kansas.  We are here for you!  If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help get more customers and clients.

It's time for you to get online so you can build yourself a lasting business.

Customers are looking for you online...  will you be there?

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